Welcome to the Plume Avenue Nursery website !!


So here we are, into the last half term of the 'school year'. Just THREE weeks to go to the summer break, and for a lot of our children the end of their nursery journey.

The church have requested we continue to come into nursery through the gate and under the gazebo so if you're arriving outside 'normal' times, please either give us a ring or give the gate a good, hard rattle to let us know you're here :)

As the weather (hopefully) continues to get warmer, please apply suncream before your child comes to nursery - we can always top-up - and if you prefer to use your own specific sun-cream please ensure it's in their bag, clearly labelled, and of course let us know it's in there.

Finally for now, please, make sure that all your child's clothes are also clearly labelled AND that toys from home stay at home if at all possible.


If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, by phone or email - details are at the bottom of the page or just grab us at the gate !

And if you are looking for a nursery place for your child, you're always welcome to pop in and visit, get in touch by email at plumeavenuenursery@gmail.com or give us a ring.


From Steve, Jean and all the staff at Plume Avenue Nursery