Welcome to Plume Avenue Nursery

We've only got this week and next week and then we're off for the Easter break. Any extra chocolate will be gratefully taken off your hands but in the meantime you may have noticed that we have had a little change around in our room layouts.

The children have been split across three areas to allow us to give them more individual focus and opportunity to participate in more age and ability related activities.

The rooms have been named by the colour of the walls (we have taken a bit of a liberty with the 'yellow' room - although calling it the beige room seemed a bit boring !!).

The coat pegs at the front of the church have been redone with the room title across the top and the pegs now in alphabetical order by first name.

If you can, and we appreciate it can get a bit busy at dropping off time, please try to encourage your child to find their own peg.

Also, thankyou to everyone who has signed up for Tapestry so far - we hope it's good for you to look at - we are finding it a much better way to monitor your children's learning and development.

If you haven't signed up yet, please give Steve a note of your email address and we can get things started for you.


A little reminder to everyone to ensure that their child(ren)'s belongings are very clearly labelled. As the children are coming in with hats, gloves, boots etc it is very difficult to match these up at home times.

Also, toys from home !!

While we appreciate these are somewhat of a comfort blanket for some children, the toys that are coming in now seem to be getting smaller and smaller and therefore much easier to lose.

Ideally we would prefer the toys not to come in at all, but if they must come in, please be aware that we are unable to constantly monitor their whereabouts throughout the session !!


Also, please don't forget that if you qualify for the extended 30 hour funding scheme - you do need to re-apply each term - please visit our 'funding' page for more details or have a chat with Shelley.

As always, please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing for the cold weather as we do still go outside to play.

A coat and wellies are definitely required, please make sure these are all clearly labelled and, if the wellies could be left at nursery, that would be even better !!