Welcome to the Plume Avenue Nursery website !!

We're back after our enforced extra week as half-term but hopefully the funding weeks are all sorted out now and we shan't have the same problem again (for a while !!)

This half term we'll be learning about the 'people that help us' so with luck we'll have a few 'visitors' over the coming weeks.

The weather seems to be getting a bit warmer at present, but as always please ensure your child(ren) are suitably dressed for nursery, with spare clothing if at all possible.

Again, please ensure that everything is clearly labelled.


Toys from home !!

While we appreciate these can be somewhat of a 'comfort blanket' for some children, it seems that more and more children are bringing in either toys or dressing up outfits from home.

Ideally we would prefer that neither come in at all as we are experiencing more and more losses, especially with unlabelled outfits or toys being put down and then picked up by someone else.

Sometimes these end up going home with another child or packed away with our own toys and equipment. With up to 40+ children on site, we are unable to constantly monitor the whereabouts of toys throughout the session and respectfully advise that we cannot be held responsible should they go missing !!


A couple of new links on the menu for you ... there is now the option to complete your registration form online - so if you're new to the setting or have major changes you'd like to make to your registration details, please follow that link and send us a form.

There is also a much shorter form for you to register your interest in sending your child to Plume Avenue. Complete that form and we'll get back to you within a few working days to have a chat about what's available and how you can come along for a visit.

Also, just a reminder that we will again be using the online learning journal software Tapestry - if you haven't already signed up, please let Shelley know your email address and we'll get the process started for you.


We have updated our policies with regard to the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force at the end of May. You can read our new policy here ...


Also, please don't forget that if you qualify for the extended 30 hour funding scheme - you do need to re-apply each term - please visit our 'funding' page for more details or have a chat with Shelley.