Coronavirus (Covid-19) Latest Information


Half term already ... this year seems to be flying by.

Hopefully all of you are still staying safe and doing alright.

As at the last update, not much has changed in the world of covid, so please continue to take the precautions we've been taking all along - be vigilant, sensible and above all, follow the rules - we are getting there !!

Please carry on wearing a mask at drop off and pick up and try as best as you can to keep that two metres apart.

As always, if you are looking to change or increase your sessions, please get in touch.


Please remember that we aren't able to provide changes of clothes should your child get wet / have an 'accident' so please ensure you send them with sufficient spares.


There have already been some minor changes to our original re-opening plan and risk assessments based on how things have gone so far so please take the time to read these documents.

You can read the re-opening plan, our covid-19 risk assessment and our new parents code of conduct by following the links from the main menu.

Obviously things will continue to be subject to change as we go along so please do keep an eye on both the website and your email for the latest information.

One thing that is very important is social distancing - please ensure you stay at least two metres from other families and staff when you come into nursery - this along with the regular hand-washing is going to be the best thing we can do to protect ourselves and each other and keep nursery open.

We have been in contact with the church to agree the contents of the re-opening plans with them and at this time we, as a nursery will have no access to the front of the church.

This has been agreed to reduce the chances of any cross-contamination, so, as you will see in the re-opening plan, access to the nursery will be through the garden area.

This has been done to give us the most space to allow parents, carers and children to safely maintain social distancing while they are waiting to come in.

Please ensure you read the plan and code of conduct and encourage everyone to abide by the contents - that way we can be safe and stay open !!

We have spaces available across the week to newcomers, so if you are interested or looking for a nursery place, please get in touch.

Obviously we are back in the building so you can phone us on 01206 579458 during opening hours or email us at

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to continue our hopes that you and your families all remain safe and well at this time and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

From Jean, Steve, Shelley and all of the staff at Plume Avenue Nursery