Welcome to Plume Avenue Nursery

We're part way through the first half term already so just a couple of things for you to make a note of ...

Firstly, please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing for the cooler weather as we do still go outside to play.

A coat and wellies are definitely required, please make sure these are all clearly labelled and, if the wellies could be left at nursery, that would be even better !!

We are now a confirmed provider for families qualifying for the extended 30 hour funding scheme - please visit our 'funding' page for more details.

As such, we now stay open until 1.00pm on a Monday, so if you would like to extend your session until then, whether or not you qualify for the extended hours, please let us know.

The new term dates for the year ahead are on the 'Nursery Holidays' page - please get those dates in your diary.

The 'updated' themes for the term ahead are also available on the 'Weekly Planning' page.