Welcome to the Plume Avenue Nursery website !!


Crumbs, it's less than seven weeks until we break up for Christmas !!

As the weather is getting worse - or as we should say, there isn't bad weather, just bad clothing choices - please make sure your children are appropritely dressed for the conditions.

We will still try to get htem outside as much as we can so a clearly labelled, waterproff coat and some goodf wellies are a must for the rest of this term :)

We are still coming into (and out of) nursery through the gate and under the gazebo so PLEASE be careful once you get onto the grass, it can be slippery and we don't want any accidents !!

if you're arriving outside 'normal' times, please either give us a ring or give the gate a good, hard rattle to let us know you're here :)


If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, by phone or email - details are at the bottom of the page or just grab us at the gate !

And if you are looking for a nursery place for your child, you're always welcome to pop in and visit, get in touch by email at plumeavenuenursery@gmail.com or give us a ring.


From Steve, Jean and all the staff at Plume Avenue Nursery