Covid-19 : Nursery Re-Opening Plan 2021

This is the reviewed re-opening plan for Plume Avenue Nursery (originally written for Sept 2020)... reviewed Sept. 2021



The objective of this plan is to share with parents / carers, staff and Plume Avenue United Reformed Church how the nursery will manage the return of children to nursery, being aware of the ongoing concerns raised by Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.


Re-opening Plan

Subject to the Government maintaining current guidelines with regard to the opening of early years settings, Plume Avenue Nursery will follow the plan outlined below. This is of course subject to change and subject to any additional restrictions that may be required by our 'landlords', Plume Avenue United Reformed Church.

Current guidance remains in that there is no need to restrict the number of pre-schoolers into smaller groups within the setting, however this may be subject to change. If we have staff absence, this plan may also have to change and may result in reduced opening hours across the week.

We will endeavour to keep everyone informed of any changes as quickly as possible. It is therefore imperative that contact details (telephone and email) are kept up to date.


Drop off & Pick Up

Access to nursery will be through the side gate at the front of the church and we ask parents / carers to encourage the use of the automatic hand-gel dispenser to clean their child's hands as they come in.

Please continue to follow the social distancing guidelines throughout the drop off period and keep your child(ren) with you. After dropping your child off, please exit through the second gate.

We retain the right to refuse entry to the nursery if you do not comply with these guidelines.

We appreciate that this may mean a longer wait to get your child into nursery - unfortunately, we are unable to open earlier than 9.00am so we will be as quick as we can - please bear with us.

Coat pegs will be kept outside under the gazebo, please hang your child's bag and coat on their named peg.

Entrance to the building is through the rear door, children can place their lunchbox on the table/trolley provided as they come inside.

We are now allowing parents / carers into the building if necessary,
for settling new starters or prospective new starters but we are
endeavouring to keep numbers inside to a minimum.

At the end of the day the children will be brought into the garden by a member of staff to meet their parent / carer.

Please continue to abide by social distancing guidelines at all times.

The office will be open for the usual hours and staffed during the day to answer calls.

If you need to speak to us, please do so either by telephone (01206 579458) or by email (



As normal, your child will bring a packed lunch from home in a clearly labelled lunchbox. Please also provide your child with a drink, preferably water, in a clearly labelled bottle that they know is theirs.

To reduce the chances of any cross contamination by having to open lots of packets and wrappers, please endeavour as much as possible to provide contents of the lunchbox that the children can access themselves.

(We will of course continue to open packets and support the children throughout lunch).



We do not foresee any issues with regard to numbers of children attending or staffing ratios. Please be aware that if there are staffing issues due to infection or the need to self-isolate, our offer may have to change. This may mean a reduction of sessions available to children.

We appreciate that some families have children at more than one setting and it isn't possible to be in two places at once, so should you need to pick up early (or later) than normal, please contact us in advance to make suitable arrangements as we will not be using the main church entrance and of course cannot leave the gate to the paddock (garden area) open.


The Nursery Day

Since the reduction of restrictions over the last few months we have almost completely returned to a 'normal' nursery day. Over this first term (Sept - Dec) we will be concentrating much more on settling the children, observing and playing with them, noting their preferences; what they like and what they don't.

More time will be spent focussing on wellbeing, rebuilding relationships and concentrating on the three prime areas of the EYFS;

  • Communication & Language
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development.

Our requirements from families

We need to emphasise that these rules are followed:

  • Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled.
  • Children may only bring a lunchbox, snack and water bottle into nursery.
  • No toys to be brought in under any circumstances.
  • We must continue to promote the 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' approach.
  • Regular handwashing will be in place and at specific times during the day, such as
    • on arrival,
    • before and after eating,
    • after outside play and
    • before going home.
  • Please remind your child they must tell an adult when they need to go to the toilet, even if they are capable of taking themselves.
  • Please ensure sufficient spare underwear / nappies are provided.
  • Any soiled underwear will be thrown away.
  • We will spend more time outdoors and the children should come to nursery prepared for the day and weather conditions.

Please talk to your child/children about the following, so they know what to expect:

  • We will continue to be kind and nurturing towards the children but may be unable to offer the same level of physical reassurance or comfort as normal.
  • We appreciate that the children will find it extremely hard to observe the social distancing rules.
  • Layout of the nursery may look different.
  • There may be limited self-select equipment for nursery children.


Attendance for nursery will as always be recorded on the register on a daily basis.

If your child is absent we ask that you contact nursery, either by phone or email to confirm the reason for absence as soon as possible and preferably before 10:00am.

Due to the importance of having an accurate idea of which children will be attending each day we may be unable to be as flexible as usual with regard to swapping / rearranging sessions and therefore request that all families stick to those sessions they have previously arranged.

At present we will not require the signature of the person collecting the child from nursery as we have done in the past but instead will make a note on the register of who came to collect.


First Aid

Please do not send a child to nursery with any symptom of Covid-19. If you are unsure, err on the safe side, keep them at home and consider getting them a covid test.

If a child appears to have a high temperature we will check them with a non-contact thermometer. If your child has a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above they will need to be collected as soon as possible (or not allowed into nursery if checked upon arrival). Please DO NOT give your child calpol (or similar) if they feel unwell as this may mask Covid-19 symptoms.

We retain the right to refuse entry to the nursery if we feel a child is unwell.

In the event of your child becoming unwell at nursery we will not be taking any chances; they will be taken to another room and will wait there until they can be collected. They will need to be collected as quickly as possible. Please ensure your contact details are up to date and phones are kept on.

Staff will not routinely wear face coverings unless we are required to do so through Government advice.

If a child cuts themselves or has an injury, we will administer first aid but taking the precautions of:

  • Adults will need to wear disposable gloves if a wound needs attending
  • Cold compresses for bumps and bangs will be immediately disposed of.


Extra cleaning is in place across the nursery in line with guidance and this will continue.

Tables and surfaces will be regularly wiped down throughout the day.

Antibacterial hand wash will be in use throughout the nursery and staff will regularly use hand gel.


Covid -19 Symptoms

If a child or someone in their family is tested for Covid-19 the child must remain at home until the results are received. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the nursery immediately once they get the results, even if they are negative.

The same protocol applies if a staff member becomes unwell.

Under current guidelines there is no need for anyone who has received both doses of the vaccine to self isolate although we do encourage those who have coe into contact to get tested.

We will inform the whole nursery (and church contacts) if there are any positive results from testing.

We will not name individuals or their families.



As you are no doubt aware, Covid-19 has caused serious problems for businesses since lockdown began back in March 2020.

Plume Avenue Nursery have only been able to reopen thanks to the church allowing us back and to Essex County Council for continuing to make payments of the Free Early Education Entitlement (15/30 hours funding).

We were not able to utilise the furlough scheme.

We thank you for your understanding and commitment to the above guidelines